M5 Robotics is an information technology and system testing company located in Columbia, Maryland, USA. We specialize in systems integration and testing of real-time embedded, wireless, and networked computer systems.


M5 Robotics conducts all levels of system testing: software test, hardware / software integration, field engineering support, interoperability troubleshooting and innovative problem solving in complex environments. Skills include constructing system test facilities, configuring QA test equipment, verifying system upgrades and evaluating engineering prototypes.

In large and complex systems, M5 Robotics supports testing at the subsystem level during development and integration phases of the computer based product. Final testing and evaluation of the fully integrated system ensures the product will operate as designed by the system provider and as required by the end user.

M5 Robotics employs the latest methodologies in Software Quality Assurance, Independent Verification & Validation, Software Life-Cycle Development, and Industry Standards.


M5 Robotics retains experienced consultants and engineers and has supported many leaders in the technology industry. M5 Robotics delivers the highest quality tools, techniques, and level of service which consistently pleases customers.

We have led laboratory test as well as field test and troubleshooting efforts for automation, data network, cellular network, information management, missile launcher, mobile radio, radar, RF communications, robotic, satellite, simulation and vehicle systems.


Find out today how we can assist you: info@m5robotics.com

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