We have supported projects for clients in leading technology areas:


Transportation Management Systems
    Automatic Vehicle Location
    Computer-Aided Dispatch
    Automatic Personel Counting
    Video Surveilance Systems
    RF Communications
    Wi-Fi Data Transfer
    Vehicle Telematics
Advanced Automation and Robotic Systems
    Mail Handling, Sorting and Inspection
    Automatic Vehicle Guidance
    Advanced Robotic Research
    Warehouse Robotics Technology
    Mobile Robot Prototyping
Cellular and Radio Communication Systems
    Tactical Handheld Radios
    Cellphones, Towers and Channel Simulation
    Multi-Vendor Internetworking
Satellite Systems
    Scientific Satellite Systems
    Commercial Communications Satilites
    Defense Satellite Based Systems
Radar and Weapons Systems
    Defense Radar and Weapons Systems
    Missile Launcher Control Systems

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