Quality Assurance and Technology Management

M5 Robotics provides Quality Assurance (QA) services that support the entire software development life-cycle. These services can include any of requirements analysis, software design, coding, configuration and change management, subsystem testing, release management, systems integration, documentation, training, and system maintenance as needed.

Our QA processes provide independent guidance and monitoring of projects to ensure schedule adherence and compliance.

System Testing

M5 Robotics specializes in System Testing of embedded software systems in which series of tests are executed to exercise fully integrated computer based systems. These tests are performed by test engineers who are trained to plan and execute tests and report on system performance. This type of testing confirms that all components work as specified and that the system as a whole performs adequately on the platform on which it will be employed.

User Interface Design

M5 Robotics delivers not just great User Interfaces but really great User Experiences.

The UI is the user’s only direct contact with your system. To the user, it is the system. We present the operational features of your applications to the user with well integrated interfaces that are innovative and visually feature-rich yet Intuitive and functional. Cross-platform UI support is provided for your system implementation whether it be presented on desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or custom interface devices.

We also design User Interfaces for testing your applications, code modules, algorithms and concepts.

Software Test

Automated Test Engineering

Automation and Robot Control


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